10 Things Will Make a Woman Motivated Ever Than Before

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It’s March, which means it’s International Women’s Month. We celebrate those who have gone through so much in life, but they remain resilient and happy.

And those who can be as soft as a feather but as strong as a boulder. This month, we celebrate women.

But there are those who might ask, “Why do we need to celebrate them?” Well, for one, they are great models of inspiration and motivation. Despite society seeing them as weak and feeble, unintelligent and reliant on men, they continue to prove how strong and independent they are.

The stereotypical image of a woman is to stay at home, cook meals, take care of children. Women today prove they can do all those things plus so much more. They have a habit of breaking gender barriers.

They have shown the world that they can be as soft as a feather but as tough as a boulder. They exude beauty and strength. They act on emotion and empathy, and they prioritize caring for other people. But they’ve also shown the world that their intellectual and physical abilities are unmatched.

With all those things said and done, here are 10 things that motivate a woman.

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1. Love & Passion

Because of society’s distinction between sexes, women tend to be more in-tune with their emotions. Because of this, they’ve learned to act on what they feel. They let passion consume them. When they find something they love, they give it their all.

Passion and love are what fuels them to keep doing what they are doing. Because women are more connected to their emotions, the feelings they have for what they are doing are heightened, thus, making them enjoy and appreciate it more. They see that their dream and purpose in life are what genuinely make them happy.

2. Self-improvement

There are two reasons women want to improve themselves. One is to prove to themselves that they can do and be better. The other is to show the world what they are capable of.

Let’s talk about the first reason women are rarely satisfied. They need to keep working on themselves to be higher versions of themselves. That is why they actively search for ways to help them achieve their goal of self-improvement.

With everything they do, they do it better than they did before. They carefully analyze their past experiences and think of ways to improve their future experiences. The idea of a better version of themselves in the future keeps them inspired to keep doing what they’re doing and to do it better.

Plus, they like to challenge themselves. It seems innate in them to be competitive, as centuries of being undermined have taught them. The more feats they conquer, the stronger and better they will be.

As for the second reason, for centuries, women have been viewed as inferior to men. That idea has been engraved in every woman’s mind. But instead of conforming to that concept, they vigorously try to steer clear of it.

They work on themselves to prove to the world that they are on par with, if not better than, men. Women let the idea of a future, where they are more or less equal to the male species, drive them to fulfill their life’s purpose.

3. Versatility

Continuing the concept of the previous point that women are rarely satisfied, they also have the desire to multitask. They feel they need several projects to prove themselves capable.

Not that they aren’t able to do so. For years, women have shown the world that they can balance family and work. They also have time for self-care and healthy social life.

Pride is not the only reason women like having multiple things going on. They crave the feeling of being occupied. That is why there are so many women entrepreneurs who have several successful businesses.

4. The desire to break barriers

As previously said, the stereotypical image of a woman captures them as delicate, soft, and incapable of physical labor. No one wants to be viewed as weak and incompetent. That is why they strive to break gender norms.

Gone are the days when a woman’s position is just to clean the house, stay in the kitchen to cook meals, and take care of the kids. They work hard to break barriers. They have proven time and time again that they can do whatever a man can do.

The idea of creating a new image of women is what continuously makes them work to show society that they are more than capable of “men-specific” jobs. They are motivated not only to better themselves but pave the way for other women to succeed.

5. Independence & Confidence

Women are done living in the shadow of men. They long to make a name for themselves. That’s why they do what they need to do to be equal to their male counterparts.

They don’t just want to separate their successes from men’s. Women love being in control, despite what the world thinks of them. They set their goals based on what they want and what they can do.

In addition to being independent, confident women get things done. If they lack confidence, morale and motivation also are lost. If they don’t believe in their dreams, then they are most likely to give up.

So, the confidence they get from independently achieving their goals will empower them to think up more ideas, to become more successful, and to continue to make a name for themselves.

With their ability to channel their emotions and their vast intellectual capabilities, they pave their own path to freedom and success.

6. Respect

What kind of person would not want to be thought of highly? What kind of person would not want to be respected? But no one can just get it. They have to work for it, to gain it. That’s what women are doing right now.

This is also connected to the other points made. Women work extra hard to wipe the mindless and ignorant picture they have on the world. Today’s women prove that they have earned the respect they deserve by doing whatever they do best.

This isn’t only based on what the world thinks. Sometimes, they have their own voice of doubt in their heads. They’ll lose the confidence and power to continue.

That is another thing women use for motivation. They strive to squash that voice in their head and gain self-respect. When they do this, they can regain the confidence they need to take on the world.

7. Praise & Encouragement

No, women don’t work for praise and encouragement. They are not shallow enough to do that. However, they perform better if they are recognized for a job well done.

Success is not always a big thing that defines your life. Every day, there are small feats conquered and small achievements reached that need to be appreciated because they are still a significant part of the journey. When people take notice of those things, that person will continue to do the same things they were praised for, sometimes better.

The truth is that women do not need the opinion and approval of other people. They can take notice of their own achievements and pat themselves on the shoulder. These feats will urge them to push through the day.

8. Overcome their fears

Women are curious and adventurous. They venture into new territory, take risks, and live on the edge just because they can. They know that, even if something terrifies them, they will do it.

This point can also be linked to the one where women want to break barriers and improve themselves. Like it was said, women are seen as weak and scared creatures. So, they dive headfirst into scary waters to prove their bravery.

They also feel a rush of excitement when faced with a new venture. They might be scared, but the prospect of starting something new excites them, making them feel like anything is possible. Women know that fear will pass, and success will live on forever.

Although there are times when women revert to their submissive ways, they will learn to stand up and face what’s coming. That’s because it’s a new era, and women are starting to rise up.

9. Change the world

Women have spent centuries feeling inferior to men. They have spent decades upon decades tending to a man’s ego. They have spent long enough with the image of an incapable and vulnerable creature.

Well, women of today strive to change the world. They want to change that image to someone who can do it all, to someone strong but kind, tough but caring, fun but smart.

They long for a world where there is no discrimination between sexes, just peace, and mutual respect. That’s what motivates women nowadays.

Additionally, their natural empathy and sympathy will start to kick in. They think about everyone in the world, the lonely, the starving, the less fortunate. They also work for a world where they are not forgotten.

Their kind and caring nature push them to create a world where there is no prejudice, only love, and unity.

10. Other people

As it was stated time and time again, women are more in tune with their emotions than men. That makes them have excellent people skills and increased empathy and sympathy.

Yes, women are driven to self-improve. But because they understand people well, they know what they need, thus acting toward helping them. Women are kind and caring, so they will do everything in their power to uplift another being.

Wrap things up

Through the years, women have been through a lot. From getting less education than men to being seen as a “pretty thing.” But they have proven they can rise above it all and remain empathetic.

They did not turn to revenge. Instead, they were motivated to learn and better themselves. They have progressed to become even stronger than they were. They have shown the world that they do need to rely on men to get by.

Women have worked long and hard to change how the world sees them. From a vulnerable and timid lady, they have evolved into tough, resilient, but caring women.

So, what does this article want to tell you? It wants to open your eyes to the importance of women to the development of the world. When they are empowered and motivated, great things can happen.

They have slowly changed the way society has seen them. Imagine what they can do to the world if everyone gets behind them. So, do not belittle them. They may be physically smaller than men but can leave a massive impact on the planet.

We don’t need a month to be appreciated because every month is women’s month.

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