8 Motivation Effects & 11 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

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What is motivation? Motivation is an essential life skill that you must possess. The reason why it is so relevant is that every person on this earth has a unique ... Read more

What is motivation?

Motivation is an essential life skill that you must possess. The reason why it is so relevant is that every person on this earth has a unique duty and meaning. To better achieve your purpose, add substance and meaning to your life, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals and transform your dreams into a reality.

Why is it important?

If you do not have motivation in life, it will be hard for you to strive for success and achieve happiness; also, the more meaningless your existence would be.

How can you ace an exam if you are not motivated to study? How can you be genuinely happy if all your actions are fueled to please the people around you? Motivation plays a tremendous and essential role in our lives.

According to Tal Ben-Shahar, a psychologist, happiness is the highest need in the hierarchy of goals. So to enable happiness, you must be able to reach your goal of self-love and contentment.

We have listed the reasons why motivation is vital for success and tips to help you to be consistent in attaining your goals.

8 Reasons Why Motivation Will Help You in Your Daily Success

1. Motivation escalates your energy

When you are motivated, it is natural that your body will be entirely pumped with adrenaline. This is to help you in accomplishing all the goals you have set. For instance, when you are ecstatic about a task you have been working on, you rarely feel tired. And when you are out clubbing, you can dance your heart out and never get sick of it. However, if the activity does not spark any interest in you, then it is likely that you will struggle to get through the activity for even 30 minutes.

When we are interested rather than just working our obligations, we quickly see our energy levels spike upwards. This is substantial evidence that motivation can escalate your energy and enhance your performance.

2. Motivation makes you joyful

Motivation is the foundation of determination. This helps you to achieve something, such as passing an exam, getting a hobby, or even earning money. The end-result of success is contentment and the feeling of victory.

So, you must keep on motivating yourself and finding more meaning to your existence. How? By setting new goals along the way. Soon enough, you will be happier over time.

Success may not only be acquired by motivation alone, but it greatly contributes to your progress. Feeling joyous or happy is also important for the upkeep of your well-being. You can’t attain success without a healthy body and mind, right?

So to make it to the point that your motivation is growing, learn how to be joyous, and even with slow progress, you will get there.

3. Motivation is contagious

Have you ever noticed that if your team member is positive of winning, then it is likely that your team member’s energy or vibe will rub off on you? A thorough study can back this up.

Therefore, surrounding yourself with optimistic people will make you productive. Also, the more positive you become, the more people around you will be influenced by your positivity.

4. Motivation enhances how you perform

Based on research done by Dr. Anders Ericsson, motivation is an essential predictor of success. Also, his research entails that if you know what motivates you, then it will make you more efficient, and your pace will be faster in reaching your goals.

Moreover, according to another study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,  giving people rewards for working on a task, rather than waiting until the end of the job to reward them will increase their enthusiasm and interest in the given task.

With that said, try to make your own reward system to help you to stay motivated. Also, the rewards you give yourself do not have to be anything big and expensive; it can be something simple but very meaningful, like buying a book or treating yourself to your favorite sandwich house.

5. Motivation strengthens your devotion

A person who is motivated in his or her endeavors is a person who is likely to be more devoted to his or her project.

Demotivation is like a black hole that will suck the life out of you, but you need to remind yourself that commitment or being loyal to your dreams, your job, your people have a massive impact on your overall success.

A person who is motivated and wants to start their own business is more likely to succeed because of their commitment to what they started. This means longevity and success in their chosen field or career.

6. Motivation assists you in efficiently managing your schedule

Highly motivated individuals are organized in all aspects of life. They are time-sensitive and conscious. People who value their time, their schedules, and commitments are bound to succeed.

Having said that, those who are less motivated do not stick to a specific plan and just wing everything. An individual who does not follow a timetable will only end up procrastinating their progress.

If you are passionate about the things you do, you will be more motivated to take action and start working on your goals. On the other hand, if you are demotivated, you end up oversleeping, slacking off, and simply being unproductive.

7. Motivation enables you to grow your character

Motivation sharpens your mind and broadens your ability to self-develop. It will also make you feel more inspired and will push you harder to achieve greater things.

If you continue to set new goals after achieving one, then great success will be ahead of you. You cannot accomplish great things all at once; you must pursue it in small steps. So, what are you waiting for?

8. Motivation builds self-confidence

People who don’t have enough confidence are usually afraid to move out of their comfort zone and attempt to do something new. If you limit yourself in a box, then you will have limited chance of success; simple as that. Break your boundaries and dare to reach your full potential. Enrich your life by motivating yourself that you can do it!

11 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

1. Money is not enough motivation

According to Karen Strunks, a motivational trainer and life coach, money cannot serve as motivation or inspiration alone.

With that being said, you must follow your passion and trust in your capabilities. Do not follow the trail of money but instead, follow your heart. Your happiness should have no price.

Be your authentic self when you are setting your goals!

2. Be sure that your goals are yours, not anyone else’s

In this light, Strunk added that one of the biggest hurdles  in staying motivated and religiously sticking to your goals is that the path you are partaking is the path you really want to pursue.

Never let other people or their opinions define or mold your life’s direction, make your own one and follow it.

Your dreams should lead you to your own happiness. Make sure that you are going after something that you genuinely want.

3. Imagine the end result

It is essential to imagine the end result of everything you are doing. Imagine what it will feel like if you finally achieved your end goal. Imagine the feeling as you stand victorious towards all your obstacles and feel the breeze on your hair at the top. Regularly think of how far you have come to just give up on everything—this will fuel you on days when you feel lazy.

4. Divide your dreams into smaller sections

Dividing your goals and turning them into smaller tasks that are more achievable and less overwhelming will greatly help. Also, set a deadline for yourself, so you will have time to relax, rewind and re-energize.

If your goal is to draw a face, start by drawing the shape of the face, then go to the eyes, and so forth… This particular method will make even the most challenging and nerve-racking task more manageable and stress-free.

5. Be inspired by others and feed off their aura

Surround yourself with positive and open-minded people who radiate optimistic energy.

People who want the best for you will do you good, not only in the present but also in the longer run.

Can you imagine working in an environment where the people around you are only setting up you to fail? Or would you rather want to be in a space where you feel loved, supported and believed in?

6. Have a system and be organized

A mind that is over-stimulated and cluttered will definitely sabotage your way of thinking and distract you from being successful. Plan and organize your ideas carefully.

7. Always think about your greater goal

To keep progressing, you must constantly remind yourself of the taste of victory.

If you find yourself in a situation where you lack motivation and feel like giving up; always bear in mind that your greater goal is more valuable than your current struggles. Complete the small tasks to get to the bigger ones.

8. Let go of the things you cannot control

Control what you can and just focus on creating a name for yourself backed up by quality work. So, let go of the “what ifs” and keep on grinding!

9. Look for positive content

Fill your life with positive information daily. If you fill your mind with material that will better yourself, then there’s a higher chance of being motivated. Plus, it will make you a better person.

Find a book that will alter your perspective and show how you deal with problems. If you are not a bookworm, you can always listen to songs that will boost your confidence and inspire you to work even harder.

You should set out reminders to remember that you are capable of accomplishing anything.

10. Remind yourself why you need to reach that dream

When things feel overwhelming, remember to sit back and remind yourself why you started in the first place.

This will help you to see clearly.

11. Consistency is the key

Your actions towards your goals should be consistent.

Embrace productivity and be one step closer every single day to achieving all your dreams.


Staying motivated is a choice!

Remember that self-affirmation is also very essential because no one but you can make your dreams come true. And only you know the right words to keep yourself going, so you can be the best you can be.

Motivation is the foundation for success!

Also, you should help other people; if you improve other people’s lives, you will improve yours too. This world may be stressful in all aspects, but you should not think that you are in the wrong way, as you will only self-destruct. You should be confident enough to trust in your capabilities and believe in yourself so that you can attain all your goals.

What other things should you remember?

There will be temptations and distractions. However, you should be able to refuse all of them, including alternatives to your dreams. Your plan should be religiously followed.

Make a progress chart, and keep track of how well you are doing.Do not compare yourself to other people. Everybody has their own pace and their own goals. Nobody is the same. So, focus on yourself!

Lastly, your future depends on you. The possibility of a better life lies in the action you take. Believe in your dreams, as no one would believe them if you don’t.

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