How to Bounce Back When You Don’t Wanna Do Anything

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You can hear people talking about motivation all the time. How you need it to chase your dreams, how it’s the key to achieving your goals. You can also hear ... Read more

You can hear people talking about motivation all the time. How you need it to chase your dreams, how it’s the key to achieving your goals. You can also hear people saying they don’t have it. But what is motivation anyway?

To simply put it, motivation is the desire to achieve something. It’s what drives you to want to chase your goals, however small they are. Unfortunately, people have no idea how important motivation is. They go through their lives thinking small, not wanting to think of the bigger picture.

We need the motivation to go through life. Without it, we might be living like a blob without emotions, waiting for the next thing to happen. You have no drive to act on what you should do. You could drown in stress and mental problems, distracted from the bigger picture.

With motivation, you will realize what you want in life, your dreams, goals, and aspirations. With it, you will have the determination to know what to do to get it. Unfortunately, there are times when it escapes us, and for various reasons, we let our motivation slip away. However, there are things to do to get your life back on track.

13 Things You Can Do to Motivate Yourself

#1. Think about the future

Imagining what the future could be is a great way to move in the right direction. You can go any of the two routes:

1) envisioning what life could be like with the drive to succeed or;

2) seeing what you can become if you let chances slip away.

There are things you do that can affect the outcome, and there are things you don’t do that can also affect the outcome. The common notion of motivation is that you should act accordingly to attain your goals. However, there are some cases when deciding to avoid a situation that is better for you than doing something.

Whichever mindset you take, keep in mind that everything you do or don’t do today will affect your future. The impact may be small or big but will surely be significant. Every single detail in your life is part of the future because, ultimately, that’s where you’re headed. There is something better for you if you try hard enough to look for it.

#2. Do it for today

While it is essential to act for the future, don’t forget about today. If you are so focused on what’s to come, you won’t enjoy the present. Remember to act for today.

Having the will to act for your current situation is important because that’s where you are today. What matters is where you are now and what you are, based on existing standards.

The present is certainly connected to the future. So what you are today will leave a mark on your future. So, start chasing your dreams now. You never know what might happen if you wait too long.

#3. Get organized and write it down

One reason you might feel lost is because of stress and chaos. Feeling out of control can make you lose sight of what’s essential. Things may feel like they’re so out of reach that you just give up.

Just calm down, and everything will fall into place if you’re organized. It’s good to have a plan, and a backup to that plan and another backup in case the backup fails, too. In short, be prepared for anything.

Having a clear mind will help you see what you want and need. Once you envision the path you should take, you will have no problem figuring out how to get there.

#4. Focus on what you want

Living a life with no ambition is living a meaningless life. Your purpose could be helping others or wanting to become a published writer. Whatever you want in life, hold on to that idea and live by it.

Forgetting what you want can lead you to a life you don’t deserve. Bear in mind what you want to achieve and how much it means to you. If you live your life centered on that idea, you will eventually get it.

#5. Remember why you want it

Having a dream is not enough. You need to understand why you have that dream. Your desire to go after that vision will deepen once you realize what it means to you and what it can do for and to you.

Connect your goal to your present situation. See the difference between then and now. You will later see how much your future depends on what you do. Knowing why you yearn for that will drive you to achieve it.

#6. Think about who you’re doing it for

The people involved in your success are just as important as the dream itself. They are also affected by what you are and what you will become because you are part of their lives.

The journey to success is not one taken alone. Yes, you will heavily rely on yourself, and the dream is centered on you, but remember that there are people with you along the way.

Doing it for yourself is one thing. That could be enough to push you to the end. After all, it is your goal to conquer. But doing it for people who matter to you makes the success so much more glorious. The feeling of bringing people along with you is unlike any other.

#7. Change your mindset

Maybe the reason you’ve lost motivation is that you are simply lazy. You chose the easy way to live, contented with a mediocre life, satisfied with average.

You will soon realize that the longer you live like this, the worse your life gets. It’s time to change that. Think about what you need to do and do it. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t let your mind drift to comfortability and ease.

You should realize that nothing great is just handed to you. Nothing great comes easily. Sometimes, a great story begins with simply getting up.

#8. Read motivational books

This is the idea that your dream is too far or too big to reach that you just give up. All you need is proof that things do work out if you work for them. You have to let the experts and experienced do the talking.

Topics of motivational books can go from showing you how to be yourself to telling you how to take life by the reins. Whatever your situation or dream, there is a book for you.

#9. Appreciate small successes

It’s human nature to want more. The downside to that is that you fail to appreciate what you have. This can make you ambitious but never satisfied. When you don’t get what you want, you just give up.

If you’re too fixated on the “big” success in your future, you will not be happy. It’s important to acknowledge the minor feats you’ve achieved. Patting yourself on the back once in a while will motivate you to keep moving forward.

#10. The Power of Positive Thinking

You can always hear people say, “Positivity attracts positivity.” There is truth to this, and it’s not because of some unseen power or magic. It’s because of your determination.

If you have a positive outlook on life, you are more likely to focus on the good and continue working. You see past the negative and revolve your life around your passion. You persevere for what you believe to be yours because you see no other way.

If your mind is filled with negative thoughts, you overlook the good surrounding you. Your fear holds you back. Instead of having a straight-line vision on your success, you’re drowning in stress, preventing you from reaching your dream. You overthink, second-guess, and eventually give up.

Realize the power of positive thinking, and you’re set on a road to your success.

#11. Steer away from distractions

Just like being lazy, distractions can easily pull you away from your path and can come in any form. A moment of temporary happiness can blind you from a lifetime of bliss. A momentary tragedy can keep you from eternal victory. A “new” dream might pop up that you forget what you were meant to do.

Staying away from distractions can prove to be quite tricky because a lot of them pose as something better than your goal. What you need is a clear mind to tell you if something is worthwhile or not. It should tell you when you’ve spent enough time chasing smoke and get back to what you’re meant to do.

#12. Do it now rather than later

When you put things off for later, there’s a chance you’ll forget about it. Then, when you do eventually remember, you lose interest. Then you won’t end up doing it. You’ll never know what you could have achieved if you only did it immediately.

You think of something, put it off, then forget. The cycle continues until you have a long list of “what-could-have-been.” Because of the number of things you’ve thought of but never done, you have no definitive interest and no clear goal.

Organize and act now. There are times when you get around to it at some point. But it won’t be the same as when you first thought of the idea. Interest may have dropped, and circumstances may have changed—outcomes between now and then are not always the same. Act now before someone else does.

#13. Take a break

Have you ever heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” There is a deeper meaning to that. While living your life centered on your dream is great, forgetting to breathe will take a toll on you. The prospect of success can blind you; you may lose people, and you can even lose yourself.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and breathe. You may realize that there are better things than your path to victory. You may also recognize that there are things that may make your path even better.


The importance of motivation is what this article mainly wants to get across. The lack of motivation can lead to an undesirable or mediocre life. You aren’t bothered by thinking of goals or getting out of an average lifestyle.

Without drive, you don’t realize that there is something better for you. When you have the motivation to know what you want, you can plan out what to do from there. You can get the life you want and deserve.

Sadly, we can’t always be driven and optimistic. There are times when we become unsure if what we are doing is worth the work. We will have dark days, thinking if what we’re doing is right. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s another thing this article wants to highlight.

Losing sight of your future is not the end of the world. You are not trapped in stagnation and darkness. There are things you can do that can get you out of the rut you are in.

The journey to success is not easy, but it’s not impossible, either. It’s also definitely worth the wait.

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