Top 6 Great College Motivational Speakers in 2020

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Whether your college is looking for a motivational speaker to inspire your students and faculty to lead, learn how to be successful in and out of school, overcome hardship, or become ... Read more

Whether your college is looking for a motivational speaker to inspire your students and faculty to lead, learn how to be successful in and out of school, overcome hardship, or become more aware of the problems with alcohol, you need to hire someone who has a proven track record of inspiring people to take action.

When you choose a motivational speaker with a proven track record for inspiring college students to take action, your campus will be a better place. You can create a campus culture that fits with your vision, and your students and faculty will have the tools to be successful.

Drive Students to Become Successful

College motivational speakers often inspire students to become more successful. College students can get stressed out from trying to balance schoolwork with their jobs and social commitments, and they may become overwhelmed. Motivational speakers can share their college experiences and teach college students how to handle their commitments.

Motivational speakers have real life experiences to share, and they can show college students how to be successful. When college students see someone who struggled with the same issues, they feel more connected. They realize that they do have the power to turn things around. These motivational speakers can help them feel empowered and ready to make a change.

Prepare Students for Their Careers

Many college motivational speakers were not always successful. Some of them did poorly in school, but they still have a successful career. It is not uncommon for college students to be stressed out about their grades, and these speakers can help them understand that they can still have a great career and that it is never too late to turn it around.

Students learn how to set goals and work at achieving them. They learn how to let go of the past and succeed today. These motivational speakers are very beneficial to college students.

Reinforce a Drug and Alcohol Free Lifestyle

College students often have trouble with peer pressure that leads to alcohol and drug use. They may feel as though it is just what everyone does. Motivational speakers can share their own experiences and help college students feel good about their decisions not to waste time on drugs and alcohol.

Helping college students with this difficult topic is a good idea. They can meet other people who share their thoughts, and they can build a network so that they are confident in their choices.

Inspire Students

It is important for college students to feel inspired. When they listen to a motivational speaker, they can draw from the speaker’s experiences. One speaker, Michael Wigge, traveled the entire world without any money. He bartered for his food, accommodations, and travel expenses, and he even worked as a butler for some wealthy people to earn money during his trip.

College students learn how to think in an innovative way to solve problems, and they learn to let go of fear of the unknown. This is an inspiring lesson, and they leave feeling charged and ready to face their own problems. These principles can be applied to any fear they have, and learning to be solution oriented is very beneficial. Take a look at the following college motivational speakers.

List of College Motivational Speakers

#1. Juan Bendana

Juan Bendana
Image Credit: Rene Sandino M

Juan Bendana has made it his goal to help students make better decisions, become better leaders, and take action on their goals. His message is engagement and action, and he helps students build better habits, boost their productivity, and live their best life. He inspires students to become more connected with their schools and communities.

Juan is a speaker, an author, and a DJ, and he uses his skillful storytelling, his sense of humor, and live DJing to connect to and inspire everyone in his audience. He spends his year traveling to more than 50 cities throughout the United States and Canada to deliver his message.

Juan covers topics such as the following:

  • Campus Culture: Create Change on Campus
  • Student Leadership: Inspiring Students to Action
  • Student Orientation: Welcome Back!
  • Student Success: Succeed in the Real World

#2. Matt Bellace

Matt Bellace
Image Credit: Natural High

Matt Bellace studied psychology and biology in school, and he mixes psychology with comedy to create his “How to Get High Naturally” program. He inspires college students to choose lifestyles that are free of drugs and alcohol.

He has a PhD in clinical neuropsychology. As an undergrad, Matt started a program called Creating a Lively Valuable Ingenious New Habit of Being at Bucknell and Enjoying Sobriety in 1993. It was a student prevention program for students run by students.

The success of his group led to people asking him to come and give talks at local colleges and conferences. He performs over 200 presentations a year, and he teaches college students to choose leadership and stay away from drugs and alcohol.

#3. Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson
Image Credit: Hes

Jeremy Anderson has a story of his own school failures, his ADHD diagnosis, drug and alcohol abuse, and low self esteem. He was able to overcome all of it and finish high school, college, and graduate school. He has written seven published books and has owned two successful companies.

Jeremy shares his story to show students that nothing is impossible if they put the work in. He is able to connect with students and help them see the power of education in his “Next Level Living.” His motivational topics include:

  • Finding your purpose
  • Respect
  • Bullying
  • Dropout
  • Worth
  • Decision making
  • Achieving and sustaining success
  • PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports)

#4. Barbara Corocoran

Barbara Corocoran
Image Credit: Business Insider

Barbara Corcoran had Ds in high school and college, and she had 20 jobs by the time she turned 23. However, she borrowed $1,000 to start the Corcoran Group, and turned it into a multi-billion dollar business. She sold the company for over $70 million in 2001, and she had become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.

Barbara has tremendous energy and shares her first hand experiences to inspire and motivate college students all over America. Her topics include:

  • Personal achievement
  • Real estate
  • Branding
  • Business leaders
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship

#5. Hoan Do

Hoan Do
Image Credit: Lead365

Hoan Do is a student success coach, and an author, and a city finalist in American Ninja Warrior. While he was a student at Pepperdine University, he was under tremendous pressure due to school, classes, extracurricular activities, and important life decisions. He felt overwhelmed, and he lost his self esteem.

At one point, he considered suicide. He used this time as a catalyst to learn the skills he needed to succeed in school and in life. After he graduated from Pepperdine, he used these strategies to get the job he wanted, beating out candidates with more experience. He relates to students and gives them life changing advice. His presentation earned him the Verizon Wireless Motivator Award.

His topics include the following:

  • Succeeding in College andin Life
  • Becoming an Outstanding Student Leader
  • Turn Your Stress into Success
  • The Art of Connecting: How to Motivate, Influence, andRelate to Anybody
  • Digital Team Building: Increasing Communication, Collaboration, andCamaraderie on Your Campus
  • #Stopsettinggoals #Startachievingthem

#6. Michael Wigge

Michael Wigge
Image Credit: TEDx Talks

Michael Wigge brings his messages on budget travel and personal development to inspire students to overcome their fears and reach the next level. He has made appearances on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, PBS, and NBC, and he has written a book on how to travel the world for free.

Michael teaches students how to leave their comfort zones so that they can grow. He uses his travel experience as an example. He teaches students how to barter for food, accommodations, and travel. He also teaches them that fear of the unknown can be conquered.

Michael shows students how to think outside of the box and how to set and achieve goals. He shows students how to get out and see the world without any money, and he teaches them that this helps them to develop skills and makes them stronger.

Final Words

College students have to balance school, work, extracurricular activities, and more, and they can easily become overwhelmed. They may be stressed out about a bad grade, and they may not know how to control it. College is a time to develop and learn, and stress interferes in this.

College motivational speakers are able to teach college students how to limit their stress. They can give personal examples of what they did to overcome this problem. Some of them did poorly in school and went on to run multimillion dollar careers. Others have life experiences that they use as examples for their teachings.

College motivational speakers cover a lot of topics, and they can show college students how to approach their lives to be successful, confident, and happy. They share their past experience of failure and success, and they teach college students how to change to live the life they are looking to live. Students leave these seminars feeling rejuvenated and motivated to make a change. College motivational speakers can make a difference in a college student’s life.

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