15 Reasons Why Motivation Will Stop You From Giving Up

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Life can be very intense at times. There will be moments of struggle, defeat, and despair. However, no matter the circumstances we are dealt with, we must stay resilient and always ... Read more

Life can be very intense at times. There will be moments of struggle, defeat, and despair. However, no matter the circumstances we are dealt with, we must stay resilient and always on top of our game.

A person can only endure so much, and to tell you the truth, life can be unforgiving and so tricky that it can convince you to stop trying at all. There are even moments where people just end their existence due to harsh pressure and expectations.

Even so, Motivation can play a role in your hardships and will serve as an anchor for you to keep your feet firmer on the ground. Yes! It is so tempting and easy to just give up on everything, but we must realize that we are more than failure and criticisms.

Make it a habit to internalize motivation and use it as an instrument for you to move forward. Motivation is a powerful aura than can evade you from even the lowest point of your life.

So, if you are on the verge of giving up, well, don’t! Life is hard but also beautiful.

#1. Open new opportunities

Motivation can push you to your limits and make you create your opportunities. So, if the grass is not greener on the other side, then make your front lawn green again. Motivation can help you weave through life’s mess. It also makes you more diligent and street-smart.

This does not only get your creative juices running but will also improve the way you carry yourself. Aside from having new opportunities, motivation will help you make better decisions as it will definitely enhance your critical thinking.

#2. Nurture the mind, body, and soul

Don’t give up! Especially when you have traveled this far to get to your destination. Use your motivation as a fuel for you to reset your mind, body, and soul. By doing so, this will reinvigorate your momentum and make you feel more powerful next thing in the morning!

Having said that, being motivated keeps your body healthy and your mind active- this will make your appearance more youthful.

#3. Urge you to work harder 

Motivation changes a person in many ways, as you can imagine. With the right environment and people, a person can reach the stars and become unstoppable. If you hand yourself more reasons to fight and keep going, then all your intentions and future opportunities will be clear and grow. There’ll be no more lazy days if you get your pace of motivation!

#4. Turn you into a better person 

Motivation can alter your bad habits and turn those traits into good ones. It will not only make you more thoughtful and appreciative but will enable you to become better in every aspect of life. Remember that a person who is trying to change or a person who changes for the better is highly motivated and inspired to make a difference in his or her life.

#5. Make you happy

If you are a motivated person, the higher the chance that you are happy and a warrior. One trick people must know is that motivation is inside all of us, and we must be able to hone this quality for us to take steps into prosperity. Happiness is a broad word; regardless of that, motivation can still cover all aspects of happiness.

With that said, start making a difference in your life and dare to be happy again!

#6. Set your future progress 

Motivation can secure your future! All of your hardships today will be replaced with improvement in the future. So, if you want a comfortable tomorrow, you’d better make sure to work for it and use motivation to help you get there.

Your future relies on how you treat the present, so if you plant laziness today, you will reap nothing tomorrow. Always remember that nothing is free in this world; you need to work and sweat for it!

#7. Assure your success 

Nothing feels more euphoric than knowing that your success is sure and cemented. Motivation has a way of making a person have eagle eyes that will allow you to focus better on the things that need urgent attention, like your priorities! Enable yourself to have a bright future.

Never let your laziness and complaints get the best out of you! Sure, everybody wants a luxurious life and spend money on a bunch of things, but for most of us who are not born into a wealthy family, striving to survive is a must.

#8. Help stop the bad days 

If you are motivated, days that are difficult will no longer affect you that much as you are more focused on your priorities and on the positive parts of any situation. In other words, motivation makes you optimistic and will extend your patience.

#9. Handle stress better 

Have you ever heard of the phrase “grace under pressure”? well, if you are motivated, then you are familiar with this term. This means that you are able to deal with stressful or difficult moments with no sweat and irritation. A motivated person is highly adaptable and can face any hurricane life might throw at him or her.

#10. Transform you & your surroundings

A motivated person will do everything in his or her power to make his or her environment conducive for progress and prosperity to grow and foster. Being motivated will make you have a cleaner house, make you screen all the people you allow into your life, and will make you have healthier habits throughout your life.

#11. Shut down all your fears 

It also helps you face your fears and conquer every one of them. Being motivated and choosing to remain so can catapult you to better opportunities and help you develop an array of useful skills that will help you be victorious in your daily success.

#12. Teach you to persevere

Couple perseverance and motivation, and you will get a killer combination that will make all your dreams come true! Life is difficult alone, and everybody knows that living peacefully is not easy, especially when you have a ton of goals you want to accomplish.

There will be moments where you feel like you can no longer continue, but trust me! Motivation is like a magic pill that will keep on supporting you wherever you are.

#13. Make other people hopeful

By motivating yourself, you tend to inspire others as well. Remember that you can save a person from not giving up by staying motivated and thirsty for progress. Isn’t that what we are all after? To move forward and be able to provide and fend for ourselves?

Then, think hard and deep, what if there are people within your circle who looked up to you and strayed from the verge of ending everything? So, try to be more hopeful and less cynical, things happen for a reason, but don’t let your circumstance bury you 6 feet under.

#14. Make your goals crystal clear 

Life can be so polluted with problems and challenges that it will leave you clueless and lost in the middle of nowhere. Life, unfortunately, goes like that. But if we cannot change the system, then it’s time to break out and start a new one.

Sometimes, getting outside the box and motivating yourself will make your goals and priorities clearer. Take your time too; there is no need to rush, life is difficult, but at least you’ve got unlimited tries to be successful.

#15. Help you go through setbacks 

Setbacks are bound to happen; it is inevitable! However, do not let these setbacks discourage you and make you stop your journey. Motivation can be a powerful tool that will assist you in avoiding unexpected situations, delays, failure, or anything that would hinder you from being happy and accomplished.

Even so, delays are there to make your stance stronger and firmer for more significant challenges that will happen sooner or later. So, instead of complaining, try to learn from everything that you encounter. As they say, failure is the best teacher!


Motivation is the answer to greatness. That’s why you should stop asking for permission and make your presence known! One benefit why motivation is so powerful is that it assists you in aligning you to work hard towards your aspirations. And these goals serve as the stepping stones to your dreams.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with motivation. If you are one of those unlucky ones, then you need to have a wakeup call right away! Stop dreaming and start being realistic; once you are, then everything will fall into its rightful place.

Without the spirit of motivation, I’m sorry to say, you cannot accomplish anything. You will have no purpose, and you will always feel incomplete or have no meaning.

Did you know that motivation is an important life skill you must develop and share with your peers? Yes! It is essential to every human being on this earth as it will transform all your ideas into a reality.

Imagine if Bill Gates wasn’t motivated to start Microsoft? Imagine the ripple effect it would have caused if he weren’t? Well, imagine if you are motivated? Can you imagine the things you can achieve and contribute to society?

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