Top 15 Rap Songs That’ll Motivate You to Get Going

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Rap songs are one of the most influential genres of music nowadays. The song lyrics are purposive, enthusiastic, and sometimes might call to action. Our interpretation of music is subjective, ... Read more

Rap songs are one of the most influential genres of music nowadays. The song lyrics are purposive, enthusiastic, and sometimes might call to action. Our interpretation of music is subjective, and we are motivated and inspired by various things, so there is sometimes doubt if we can really be inspired by listening to rap songs.

There are various types and certain tracks of rap songs that are quite convincing and might bring either good or bad influence.

Songs like “Hit Em Up” and “Knuck If You Buck” are too convincing to the extent that if you play them at a certain volume to a certain group of individuals, they can eventually commit violence since it was implied from these rap songs.

So, if you are a fan of rap songs, we’ve made a list of rap songs that can truly inspire you and motivate you in life. 

Here are 15 rap songs that can make your day bright and energetic.

Work Hard Play Hard” – Whiz Khalifa

This is perfect rap music for you to keep going throughout your tough day. That deep, dark bass will help you to have a perfect mood to perform your tasks well. Nothing can block your way!

All I Do Is Win” feat. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg – DJ Khaled

This is a convincing and motivating rap song that can make you feel competent and eager to succeed in different endeavors that you have. The title says it all, all you should do is win.

Money on My Mind” – Lil Wayne

If you want straightforward songs, you might be interested in this rap song. It’s for those who have a clear goal and ambitions in life to get what they want.

Work It” – Missy Elliott

It has a smooth beat that makes you comfortable from a busy day. It will definitely give you that mindset because it will motivate you to start your day with a great beginning.

Started from the Bottom” – Drake

Just like anyone else, this rap song talks about how someone can reach success by starting from the bottom. This is quite inspiring, especially for those who want to be motivated every day.

The World is Mine” – Nas

It has fast lyrics with a smooth jazz track in the background that is suitable for a person who needs to think things through and make a lot of preparation ahead of the day. This rap song might boost your confidence to succeed.

Fight the Power” – Public Enemy

It has simple lyrics and force can make you withstand every challenge in life. It’s quite motivating because it convinces you to fight every struggle in life.

Reborn” – Kids See Ghosts

This rap song is mainly about the struggles for mental illness, and it convinces the listeners that no matter what happens, you can overcome all the problems that pop-up in your mind.

I’m Ready” – The Diplomats

This was one of the songs from the best crew that brings inspiring sped-up soul.

DNA” – Kendrick Lamar

It is a victory weighted by descent from Africa, political overtones, and social pains.

Hard In Da Paint” – Waka Flocka Flame

This song is quite dangerous when perceived in the wrong way. This beat is the kind that turns mild to severe, causing listeners to lose their damn senses. When those horns come in, it is time to get ready to go down for trouble. It conveyed a better sense of hostility and urgency. Use this one with caution.

Mama Said Knock You Out” – LL Cool J

This is an underdog song that comes from an artist who once reveals and proves that you need to put yourself back on top after a failure.

Hate Me Now” – Nas

There are a few ways to approach hate: dismiss, strike back or accept it. Nas opts for the latter. You can be hated by others, but it would only be the way for you to be stronger and recharge yourself from the pain you feel inside.

Put On” – Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West

It’s a thug motivation. This is not just about you; it’s about all the people putting the city on their backs. The song of struggles and motivation to make things through.

Till I Collapse” – Eminem feat. Nate Dogg

In this song, Eminem says “music is like magic,” and he’s right. When those beats come in, there is no science that can explain how you feel excited and enthusiastic. “Till I Collapse” gets your adrenaline pumping because Em is obviously relentless in his desire to taste victory, and that desire to succeed is easily transferred to the audience.


These are just some of the rap songs that you might listen to and get some motivation to start your day right.

If you have more rap songs in mind, you can continue to listen to your preferred choices. These rap songs are just an additional preference for you when you want to try other genres of music as well.

You might wonder, why can rap songs be motivational? So, in this article, we will also discuss the positive impacts of rap songs in various aspects.

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