Top 5 African-American Motivational Speakers in 2020

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Motivational speakers can come in all shapes, sizes, and races. They can come from different experiences and educational backgrounds as well. What makes them unique are the things they have been through, how they handled perseverance, and how they can share those experiences with an audience. Black Motivational Speakers also tend to have a unique perspective … Read more

How to Engage in Public Speaking Training at Home

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When you decide to become a motivational speaker, one of the most important things to do is to practice and get advice. Your delivery is very important to your ability to keep your audience interested. There are different aspects to public speaking, but all of them require practice. You can work on your public speaking skills while you are at home.

Top 6 Great College Motivational Speakers in 2020

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Whether your college is looking for a motivational speaker to inspire your students and faculty to lead, learn how to be successful in and out of school, overcome hardship, or become more aware of the problems with alcohol, you need to hire someone who has a proven track record of inspiring people to take action. When … Read more