40 Excellent Motivational Speaking Topics for Beginners

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When you are learning how to become a motivational speaker, you will have to choose a motivational speaking topic for your talks. It is important that you have experience with your topic to draw on. People want to hear authentic stories about how you overcame an adverse situation.

You can go through these topics and choose those that you have experienced. Whether you want to help people overcome depression, give advice to students, teach entrepreneurs how to be successful, or inspire the staff at a company, there are many different ways to motivate people.

Take a look at the following 40 motivational speaking topics.

  1. Strategies to Reduce Covid 19 Depression and Anxiety: This topic will help people learn how to reduce the depression and anxiety that are the natural result of fear and isolation from Covid 19.
  2. Coping with Isolation During Covid 19: Motivate people to find ways to cope with isolation through online engagements and other ways of remaining connected to others.
  3. Maintain Productivity During Covid 19: Help people with inspirational tips for maintaining productivity during Covid 19 changes. This might include work at home tips.
  4. Solutions for People Who Lost Their Jobs to Covid 19: View this as an opportunity to try something different and new. Turn it into a blessing and explore your options.
  5. Avoid Depression and Keep a Schedule During Covid 19: The days may blend together, but you can increase the quality of your life and your productivity during Covid 19 by keeping a schedule. Give tips and tricks for keeping a schedule when time runs together.
  6. Stay in Touch with Family During Covid 19: Although little can replace face-to-face contact with loved ones, find ways to embrace technology and change the way your family interacts.
  7. Use Covid 19 to Make Your Dreams Come True: When you aren’t able to go out and live your life as you did in the past, use this as an opportunity to make your dreams come true. Try that online job, write a book or an article, and find a way to supplement your income.
  8. Stay Sane in the Face of Uncertainty: Covid 19 is unprecedented in our lifetime. Keep your sanity by staying focused on your family and the present.Don’t get bogged down in the future. Give them tips to stay in the present.
  9. Rise up When You Feel Yourself Sinking Down: The isolation and uncertainty of Covid 19 has sent everyone through waves of emotions.Going from disbelief to horror to fear to sorrow is overwhelming. Address how to pick yourself up when you become depressed, anxious, or afraid of the uncertainty.
  10. Spread Positivity and Help Others During Covid 19:Many people are terrified of what the future holds. People have lost jobs and loved ones. Be that voice of positivity to help give people hope.
  11. How to Win at Life: for students who are graduating soon, you can inspire them to take steps to make their lives what they want them to be.
  12. How to Save the World: When you speak to students, you can inspire them to make personal and professional changes that will reduce their carbon footprint and help preserve our planet.
  13. How to Be a Role Model: Speak to students and impress upon them the importance of being a role model for the next generation. Teach how this will benefit them.
  14. The Power of Positive Thinking: Positive thinking is the key to success and happiness in the world. You can teach students that they can chart their own course in life withpositive thinking.
  15. How to Break Old Habits: Speak to students about how to make simple changes to break old habits and create new ones.
  16. The Importance of Goal Setting: Teach students how to set goals and why they are
  17. Becoming an Effective Leader: Teach students the steps they need to take to become an effective leader.
  18. Why Communication Matters: Teach students why communication matters and how to communicate effectively.
  19. How to Exude Confidence: Teach students how to build their confidence to the point that it spillsover to others around them.
  20. The Power of Spreading Positivity: Talk to students about the power of being positive and the impact it has on others, as well as the consequences of negativity.
  21. Eliminate a Fear of Failure: Talk about how fear of failure gets in the way of successes every day. When people are afraid to fail, they give up. Failure is nothing more than lessons learned along the road to getting it right. Success is born from lessons learned in failure.
  22. Chase Your Passion: To be successful, you need to have passion for what you are doing. Define your passion, and learn what motivates you.
  23. Spend Time with Successful and Motivated People: If you want to be successful and motivated, you should spend your time around others who are successful and motivated. This will allow you to raise the bar rather than stooping to their level.
  24. Focus on Gratitude: Successful people focus on what they are grateful for rather than what they wish they had. Focus on gratitude for opportunities that you have.
  25. Don’t Wait for Motivation: Successful people are doers, and they do not wait for motivation. If you aren’t feeling motivated, just start doing and the motivation will come.
  26. How to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities: When successful people are faced with a challenge, they turn it into an opportunity.
  27. Why You Should Invest in Personal Development: Focus on personal development to grow and become more successful.
  28. Invest in Experiences Rather Than Material Possessions: Experiences allow for growth and spark your internal motivation. Material possessions are external and will not bring you success.
  29. Define and Develop Your Goals: To be successful, you need to define and develop your goals. You will have something to aspire to.
  30. Learn to Accept Criticism and Negative Feedback: You will learn more from negative feedback than you can from praise. Use criticism as a stepping stone to growth, improvement, and success.
  31. How to Embrace Rejection: Teach employees (especially on a sales team) that every rejection is one person closer to a sale. It is important to view rejection as an opportunity to learn.
  32. How to Be a Team Player: Inspire employees to understand that they are all part of something bigger, and by working together, they can make big things happen.
  33. How to Embrace Technology and the Future: Motivate employees by discussing the possibilities that come to light with new technology and advancement. Teach them to embrace technological advances.
  34. It’s All About Managing Customer Relationships: Teach employees that in today’s world, customers expect an experience on top of a quality product or service. Help them see that they are all improved by working together to elevate the customer experience.
  35. Work From Home and Succeed: Speak to employees who work from home and teach them how to be successful and available. Give them tips to stay motivated and remove distractions from their home office.
  36. Sustainability in the Office: Motivate and inspire employees to commit to sustainability in the office. Discuss practices that will reduce the carbon footprint.
  37. Storytelling in the Office: Stories are the key to clinching deals and making connections. When you tell a story, you are able to make an emotional connection with the content. This strategy is known to boost sales.
  38. How to Come up with Great Ideas: Speak to employees and help them unlock great ideas and feel confident sharing them.
  39. How to Build Credibility in Sales: Teach employees how to build credibility in their sales job.
  40. Effective Workplace Communication: Teach employees how to effectively communicate with each other, with management, with customers, and more.

Final Words

There are many different topics you can use for different groups of people. The important thing is to have a clear message and perfect your delivery, body language, intonation, and presentation. If you are speaking to a group about how to handle Covid 19 and the depression and anxiety that come with it, choose a topic that has meaning for you.

If you are speaking to students, talk about something relevant. They are getting ready to go out into the world and make their mark. This group is usually full of home and enthusiasm. Choose a topic that will excite and inspire them to go out and make a difference in the world.

When you speak to people about success, they are looking for tools. If you can give them actionable advice, they will be inspired. The people who come to hear you speak are looking to make a change, so give them the resources they need to make it happen.

Employees want to be motivated to work together. They are looking for ways to connect and be a part of something bigger. Team building and other strategies will help to inspire employees to be the best they can be.

Part of learning how to become a motivational speaker is choosing topics for your speeches. Any of these examples is a good starting point.

Jesse Long

Jesse Long

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