5 Functions from Rap Songs Will Make You Feel Motivated

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Rap and Hip Hop music are known for its various content that implies brutality, sexual immortality, and the celebration of road fighting and cliques, drug and alcohol consumption, and violence ... Read more

Rap and Hip Hop music are known for its various content that implies brutality, sexual immortality, and the celebration of road fighting and cliques, drug and alcohol consumption, and violence against women.

Throughout your journey in music fandom and being an enthusiastic follower of various music genres, you’ll find music inspiring when it smacks you upside the head.

On the other hand, there are uplifting hymns like, “Keep Ya Head Up”, “Ultralight Beam” and “Love Yourz,” which can be inspiring by radiating hope and optimism.

Somewhere in the middle, there are some rags-to-riches rap classics, such as “C.R.E.A.M”, “Juicy,” and “Exhibit C,” which are inspirational because they mainly talk about young men fighting their way out of predicaments by any means.

But, in the end, you are the only one who can decide which kind of rap songs you like and where you can be inspired from. The number of songs you might hear in a day to be inspired depends on your level of interest in rap music.

According to Nielsen.com, we listen to music for more than 4 ½ hours a day, which might be an average of 67 songs per day. The average music listener uses 3.4 devices to engage with music each week, listening to a little more than 5 hours of music per day (35.7 hours per week). Among music listeners, millennials are even more engaged in music since they can use 3.8 devices during the typical week, and an average of 40 hours per week.

Here are the 5 Functions from Rap Songs

Rap Songs Are Used for Unification and Education

Rap songs are essential to the progressive learning, social and political awareness of the youth. Rap music educates not just the youth but all the people from various perspectives and tackles many social issues for our self-awareness.

Hip hop was vital to the advancement of societal and administrative consciousness among today’s youth. Rap music educates people from various perspectives and poses many social issues.

Rap is a medium for people to talk openly about their thoughts on government or community problems, and thereby encourage adolescents to become interested and informed about these topics.

This is vital in raising young people’s awareness of the realm around them and the problems they face in society, encouraging people to discuss how they can make a positive difference within society.

Rap Songs Give Hope

Most rappers grow up, rapping about shortage and hardships. How they become successful and the struggles they encounter throughout their journey as an artist. When they excel, they talk about breaking hindrances and obstacles and making it to the top.

This message can give hope to many youths living in parallel situations across America. For instance, when a singer raps about his troubled juvenile or when it comes on thriving in spite of living with parents who are addicted to drugs, a youth in the same circumstance may rely on that so he can get rid of his problems, too, as well as other problems, which were relevant to a normal person.

It Brings Social Awareness

There are specially made rap music that is created to promote something beneficial, encouraging people to look at the bright side of life.

On the other hand, there are also songs implying violence, calling for harmonious relationships and coexistence in an effort to improve the quality of life.

“Self-Destruction” is one great example of promoting an optimistic view of life, performed by All Stars on the East Coast. Now, for those who really love HipHop, this is truly one of the best examples of a rap song’s positive influence in the history of the rap music industry.

It Provides Support

If you want to solve your worst problem, you need to make it known by the people around you, it might be in your family, community, and society.

Rap music is a great way to execute that process because it has the ability to deliver a message to a wide range of people since it is popular across the globe.

When rappers share their songs full of violence, drug addiction and poverty, they tend to share what they have experienced and let the people know how they handled those circumstances.

In that way, lots of people might know what their minds say, and what their hearts might want to tell. 

Rap Songs Entertain Various Audiences

It’s common to know that the general purpose of rap music is to entertain its audience. Just because a rapper portrays himself as being involved in criminal activity, it doesn’t mean they really spend millions of dollars on seemingly superfluous items or sex with several women.

The rap artist presents a fictionalized account of certain incidents in order to surprise and entertain people, and sometimes uses characters to make a more realistic approach on a certain issue they are portraying. They just make their songs more creative so that people will be captivated by the emotions and thoughts that it implies.

Some of the more talented rappers can use their words to create these characters along with colorful lines of stories that are often associated with urban subject matter. In that way, the common people will relate to these scenarios and eventually be entertained.

Final Thought:

The number of rap songs you can hear in a day depends on your interest in this music genre and how you will manage your time to listen to these kinds of rap songs.

When you listen to various types of rap songs, you might be confused by the different song lyrics they portray. Rap songs might give either a good or bad influence, depending on how you perceive things around you.

In order to get the positive side of rap songs, you need to filter the music you hear. Stick with motivational rap songs that were promoted by rappers with seemingly great personalities and upbringing.

The content of the song mainly depends on the life of the artist and songwriter, so you need to know more about those people first, before embracing their songs.

You can truly feel motivated by rap songs if you can feel its relevance to your life, struggles, and current situation. You can learn lots of things from their struggles in life as they give you advice through their music.

I hope you feel inspired and motivated when you listen to rap songs and try to incorporate the lyrics with your life struggles and learn from them.

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