16 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself Towards Healthy Eating Habit

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Everything is possible once you put your mind to it. Have you ever felt lost, like you can’t find your place? Or have you ever wanted something so badly that ... Read more

Everything is possible once you put your mind to it. Have you ever felt lost, like you can’t find your place? Or have you ever wanted something so badly that you could taste it, but can’t?

Well, today we are going to talk about how motivation can help you with anything, even with Healthy Eating. Your first priority should be your health, and the perfect summer body will follow, trust me! So, if you have been longing for something, then what is stopping you?

Wait a second. Yep! The only enemy that can hinder you from progressing is yourself.

Motivation is what makes you hold on to the days when you can’t see results or stops you when you just want to eat a whole bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Funny as it may seem, this is the reality for most of us. But we must not accept how our current situations dictate or manipulate us from sinking in stagnant waters. So, the first step to healthy eating is motivating yourself to be consistent towards your goal.

Here are the best tips we have gathered so you can be the best version of yourself!

#1. Tell Yourself You Can

There is nothing more potent than self-affirmation and self-confidence. You see, if a person believes in himself or herself, then no power on this earth can stop his or her determination to succeed. Make it a habit to say what you want to achieve. The more you say it, the more it will happen- that is how the law of attraction works.

#2. Healthy Eating Habits Start With Discipline

The day you overcome temptation will be the day wherein you start to self-improve. A person does not just magically triumph on a goal. It takes so much discipline and self-control to be victorious. So, try to embrace discipline and apply it to every aspect of your life.

#3. Excuses Should End Today

Never sabotage the little progress you have made. Every bit of mileage counts, so as much as possible, you must be able to drown your inner saboteur and move forward. One excuse could mean you are prone to making more excuses in the long run.

#4. Research and Read

One fundamental factor in healthy eating is to know what you are consuming. Remember that knowledge is power, so use it to your advantage! Read and research the diet you want to incorporate into your lifestyle. Also, exercise is essential and goes hand in hand with nutrition.

#5. Encourage Your Housemates To Eat Healthy With You

The people you are living with should either support you in your journey or join you. This way, it will be easier for you to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle also involves the participation of the people around you. However, if support is substituted by temptation and insensitivity, then you can still use this to your advantage. Remember that difficult situations should not dishearten you but rather inspire and motivate you to strive even harder.

#6. Consistency Is The Key

Being consistent with your goals is essential for self-development and growth. The more you are consistent in everything you do, the better quality of life you get. Most of the time, people are excellent starters but also good quitters. The key to healthy eating is holding your stance. Be a force that is to be reckoned with. Never allow your laziness nor your excuses to keep you from being healthy. Do not let inconsistency weigh you down!

#7. Never Accept Defeat

Healthy eating is difficult, especially when you commit to it for a long time. However, you are allowed to take a break and slack off a little bit because you are human, and we need to feel that we aren’t restricted from things. In this light, be a person who will never give up on a goal that will better himself or herself.

#8. Never Stop Until You Are Contented

Motivate yourself and never settle for less. If you feel that you are not happy, you should fight for what truly makes your soul on fire. See your worth and learn how to know your value in difficult situations. When you feel tempted and want to eat a lot, find a way, like looking in the mirror and asking yourself if that is the life you truly want.

#9. Do Not Allow Unhealthy People In Your Life

Life is never easy; we all know that! But if we let more negativity foster in our lives, then progress and motivation will be stagnant. Be picky about the people you allow to enter your life. Sometimes, the negative people in your life will not only hinder you from becoming great but also sabotage your success.

Remember that you must screen the people you let in your life, for they will be associated with you and later define who you are. The people in your life should be your number one supporters in your journey to fitness, not the persons who will mock and tempt you to go back to your old ways.

#10. Use Your Failure As A Building Block

Failure should not demotivate you, but instead, motivate you to become stronger and firmer towards the struggles and pain this world has to offer. You must be able to channel your sadness, despair, and suffering into a more prominent force that will push and motivate you to aim bigger than ever.

Use your failure to get ahead in life. Be strong and sail your ship, regardless of how dangerous the waves are. Having said that, if you were not able to be triumphant yesterday, today you must work double-time to compensate for your shortcomings.

#11. Create A Positive Environment For Your Wellbeing

Motivation will not prosper if you are surrounded by negative energy. Your environment plays a vital role, as well. So, aside from people, you must also be comfortable in the place you are in. This place must not necessarily be luxurious but at least have enough basic human necessities for you to be healthy, physically and mentally fit.

However, this is not always the case. A person who is genuinely dedicated to alleviating his or her circumstances will do anything in his or her power to succeed.

#12. Progress Should Be Rewarded

In every progress you make, whether it is small or big, it must be addressed with a celebration or at least an affirmation. Feeling good about yourself and your achievements is also an essential human need.

This does not mean you have to celebrate over the top, but a simple celebratory meal or present is well-deserved and will boost your morale. Take a well-deserved rest day or cheat day, but after that, make sure you work harder towards your goals.

#13. Your Goals Should Be Realistic

Your goals should be realistic in a way that you know you can attain them. It is not wrong to dream extraordinarily; however, your dreams must be divided into small steps, and those little steps are called goals. These goals should be a stone’s throw away and are ideal.

Never bite off more than you can swallow. Also, an essential factor here is time management. Your goals may be realistic, but if your time management is off, then you will just be rushing and not giving your 100% best! Setting a realistic goal that will not drain your time is smart. Work smart and find a way into things.

Of course, working hard is essential too, but we only have 24 hours a day, so work smart and let your critical thinking dominate your struggles. An excellent example of this is to have a weekly goal wherein you must be able to lose at least 2 kilos.

#14. Do Not Be Too Harsh On Yourself

It is okay to commit mistakes, and it is reasonable to be human. Never be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes and errors, for they will teach you to become better the next time around.

Besides, experience is the best teacher, so make mistakes as much as you can. No one is counting! So just live your truth, chase your purpose, and be the best that you can be. Prioritize your health, and healthy habits will follow.

#15. Evaluate Your Plans

Your plan should be organized and prepared. You see, a war that is won shortly took years to plan. So, if you want to aim for success in your terms and rules, a great strategic plan will hone how you are going to execute. Do your research and try to incorporate those into your plan and goals.

#16. You Must Be Willing To Invest

Healthy eating is not merely eating greens, but also investing in a healthy lifestyle. You must be willing to spend the money to live a healthy life.

Gym memberships, fruits and greens, and other essentials may be pricey or a bit over the budget, but if it deals with your health, then you should not think about it as it should be prioritized. Health is wealth; always remember that.

Final Keynote

Healthy eating will never be easy, but you must be able to train and motivate yourself to become the person you want to be. If you wish to fit into a size 26 jeans or condition your body for the summer, your health should be the #1 priority in all your intentions; the rest will follow.

Also, starting a healthy lifestyle and beginning good eating habits that are composed of foods that will boost your wellbeing may be difficult at first, but you must think of the long-term paybacks and not the temporary struggles.

One good advice you must keep in mind is that you must not be ashamed to go to the gym or start eating healthy around people. No one ever started great, and everyone started from nothing.

Also, do not wait for complications to arise. Start earlier and move yourself to a healthier wellbeing. Prevention is a better cure, so start eating healthy and exercise today!

Plus, your body should not be the only one that is fit; your mind should be too! Exercise your mind by reading books and watching content that will add meaning to your life.

Last, never get tired of motivating yourself, even if you see no results at the start. Motivation will kill laziness.

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