Best 15 Motivational Gifts That’ll Inspire You All the Time

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You might think that anything can become a motivational gift. Just slap on an inspirational saying and voila! You have a gift that can give you the motivation to face ... Read more

You might think that anything can become a motivational gift. Just slap on an inspirational saying and voila! You have a gift that can give you the motivation to face the day. However, it takes more than quotes and material things. It takes thought and effort, specific to whom it is given.

What is written on the gift indeed plays an integral part in inspiring the person. But they will appreciate it more if they feel the warmth and thought you put in it. But why are motivational gifts important if you can just talk to them?

Verbally motivating a person can only do so much. They need a physical reminder to tell them that someone cares enough to spend time and money to make them feel loved and secure. The gift can be a daily reminder for them to push through the tough day ahead—this small thing they see every day can lead them to everyday success.

Success does not have to be a huge event. Daily achievements are a significant part of everyone’s life, whether it be small or big. It can be getting up from bed or getting that promotion. A gift can help them get that.

15 Motivational Gifts That Will Inspire You

#1. Accessories

Accessories are small enough and cute enough to keep with you at all times. You can also have them personalized with uplifting messages written on them. So, when you’re feeling down, you can just look at your wrist or hold the necklace. You’re reminded of that saying and get back up.

Variety is an advantage when it comes to accessories. There are pins, rings, bracelets, and necklaces with different types of each. You will find something for every kind of person.

#2. Socks

Socks are a very comfortable way to warm your feet, but they can also be symbolic. Socks can not only warm your feet but warm your heart, as well.

There’s a running joke on the Internet that what makes adults really happy are socks given to them. Growing up can be tough. You just want comfort and happiness, which socks can provide.

Cute socks, especially, put a smile on people’s faces. There are also socks with motivational quotes on them. So if a person is having a stress session at home, a small smile can bring them out of their funk when they see their socks.

#3. Notebook or Journal

No matter how much you want, you can always be there for a friend. One way to make up for your lack of presence is with a notebook or journal. They can use it to vent all their feelings, just like talking to you.

It’s never healthy to keep things bottled up. This gift is also perfect for people who you know are too shy to talk. By writing their thoughts down, they can release their stress and make room for positivity. With more daily positivity, there will be daily successes.

Leaving them a note inside or having an inspirational saying on the cover can also be an excellent addition.

#4. Album or Scrapbook

If arts and crafts are your forte, this is the thing for you. An album or scrapbook is the ultimate gift of effort and thought. The person receiving it will appreciate it very much.

An advantage of scrapbooking is that you are in control; you can do whatever you want. You can fill it with inspirational sayings they can look at every day. You can paste pictures of their successes or what their future could be.

When they look at it, two things will happen:

1) they will deeply appreciate the gift and know how much you care about them;

2) they will get the strength and drive to pursue their dreams and make daily successes.

#5. Stationery

Almost everyone writes something every day. People who work, people who study, even people at home. Giving someone stationery with different inspirational notes will make their day.

#6. Bible

We live in a world where people practice different religions. So, this gift is not for everyone. However, if you know the person is a Christian, then, by all means, gift them the word of God.

You can give a Bible to someone who has lost their way but is willing to find the path back to Christianity. You can also gift this to someone who is thinking about turning to Christianity. To help them, you can bookmark or highlight some passages you know will uplift and enlighten them.

#7. Poster or Banner

If you want a simple but effective gift to motivate a person, posters or banners are the way to go. You can give them multiple ones with a different saying on each. They can stick them on their walls, and this could be the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning.

An uplifting message greeting them in the morning is sometimes all they need to face the day ahead. With a positive mindset and strong will, there will be no doubt that they will collect successes throughout the day.

#8. Mug

Some people need coffee to start the day. A mug with an encouraging saying is the perfect gift for them. They can kickstart their day with a caffeinated drink and look at a cute graphic on their mug.

The graphic doesn’t even need to be a quote or saying. It can say, “Best Dad Ever!” or “You make everyone’s day better.” Things like this assure people that they are loved and important. With a healthy heart, they spread positivity and gain personal successes along the way.

#9. Stickers

Like posters and banners, stickers are simple but effective when it comes to inspiring someone. Another good thing about them is that you can put them anywhere. You can put them on your phone, your laptop, wallets, and even on your walls.

Gifting someone a bunch of stickers with encouraging sayings will almost guarantee a smile wherever they go. You never know when or where a down moment will occur. So, having cute and uplifting stickers almost everywhere they look can help them give them the strength to get over that hump.

#10. Pillow/s

It’s essential to start the day right, but it’s equally important to end the day right. Before closing your eyes, it’s good to see something that will give you the motivation to get up in the morning and face the day with strength. Going to bed happy will guarantee you will wake up happy, too.

They don’t have to be for the bedroom solely. Throw pillows are a great way to decorate your living room. So, adding a few ones with a saying will brighten up the space and your mood.

#11. Book/s

No matter how hard you try, there are times when you just can’t say the right words to help someone through their day. Just like a journal, motivational books can take your place. Luckily, there are books written by professionals and experienced people who can do the talking for you.

Fictional books are a great escape, but motivational books are written to help you face your fears and problems. They can make the person realize what they should do to have a successful life and what not to do to avoid a life in ruins. There are a variety of different topics, making sure there is a motivational book for everyone.

#12. Jar of Quotes

If you want simple but sincere, a jar of quotes is the gift to give. It’s as plain as writing a bunch of motivational and encouraging sayings and quotes, and then putting them all in a jar. The person you’re going to give it to can take one out every day and live by that saying for the day.

A jar of quotes will not only motivate that person to face the day’s challenges; he or she can also feel a sense of excitement when pulling one from the jar. Variety in someone’s life keeps them from being bored and will give them the drive to keep pushing through because they know there is more to life than a routine.

#13. T-shirt

T-shirts are cute and comfortable, but they can also make a statement. That statement could be about seeing the bright side or staying strong through life’s obstacles.

A person will not wear that shirt every day, but they know they have it, and the message on it sticks with them. They could make the saying their life motto, and this life motto could be the key to their daily success.

A graphic shirt with an inspirational saying doesn’t only benefit the person wearing it. Anyone could be walking around in public with a heavy heart, and no one would know. Maybe seeing that shirt just made them smile and think that everything will be okay.

#14. Stuffed toy

A stuffed toy could be like a book or a journal. It might not be able to replace you, but it can be a great alternative when someone needs a hug or a good cry. You can even gift a stuffed toy with a saying on it.

#15. Cookies

If socks warm the feet and heart, then cookies warm the heart and tummy. Giving cookies to someone is a meaningful gesture that shows them that someone is thinking of them and is willing to share what they have. Knowing that someone cares is enough for them to face the day

Packaging is an aesthetic and personal addition to giving cookies. You can attach personalized notes or quotes on the package. These quotes can be targeted to the person, whether they may be going through a rough time or merely an encouragement.


They say money can’t buy happiness, but this is not entirely true. While money for personal gain is not always right, spending it on motivation and success of other people is always positive. That’s what this article aims to project.

Merely verbally uplifting a person does help, but it can only do so much. Give them a tangible daily reminder to help them achieve daily success, big and small. This thing will remind them that there are people who care enough to exert effort on them, and this will drive them to success.

We also want to get across that gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can give home-made presents that entail love and effort. However, we do want to instill that gifted crafts need to be of good quality. No one wants to receive a shoddy piece of anything.

We hope that this article enlightens you on the importance of motivation and the effects that motivational gifts have. We want you to wipe the understanding that material possessions are bad. In some cases, the thought and the material go together to make a person’s life better. Money and time spent helping others are money and time well-spent.

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