Best 15 Motivational Movies in Netflix Move You to Tears

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Living a good and happy life is what all of us want.

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We can work as hard as we can, be the best versions of ourselves, or perhaps, maintain the right mindset for us to keep going. However, those are easier said than done because we need something to keep us inspired and motivated.

What better way to have that kind of morale booster than by watching inspirational movies on Netflix. If you’re into that, then you’ve just found the best place to be.

Read on, and as they say, let’s Netflix and chill but this time to a good life! Here, we’re going to show you some of the best motivational films Netflix has to offer.

1. The Pursuit Of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness is one of the best motivational movies you can find on Netflix. Not only does it keep you going in life despite the odds and circumstances, but it also teaches you the value of humility and satisfaction even with the limited resources you have.

Will Smith and his son, Jaden, had a great father-and-son duo for this film as it talks about him fighting for custody of his son.

It’s also about showing how important it is to keep up with your life responsibilities and do your best to show your love and concern to your family even if everything seems to be falling apart.

If you’re in for some meaningful drama that’ll help you keep up with the daily challenges of life, then this one’s for you.

2. Miracle

If you’re in for some taste of athletics and a bit of history, you might want to spend some time watching the 2004 biopic film, Miracle.

This movie is based on one of the most interesting moments in the history of athletics when the American men’s hockey team won against the Russians during the 1980 Olympics.

Sound familiar? Well, you’ve got it right because this took place during the height of the Cold War.

The lesson of this film dwells on maintaining competitiveness and doing your best to outcompete your rivals despite the pressure around you. If you are experiencing something similar, then we suggest you watch this.

3. My Life As A Zucchini

My Life As a Zucchini is one of the best animated films that teaches deep life lessons while still remaining entertaining and lightly fun. The plot of the movie revolves around a boy who lost his mother and was sent to an orphanage.

He grew up there and learned all the lessons he needed to grow into a young fine man. But the process isn’t as simple as that, and that’s just what makes this film worth watching.

This gives you a sneak peek into the life of orphans in foster homes, who despite not having parents or any family that can take care of them, still manage to continue in life and see the bright side.

4. The Little Prince

Then there’s The Little Prince, another top-rated animated movie on Netflix that’ll surely inspire you to embrace the moment and make the most out of everything.

This revolves around the story of a girl who does her best to go head-on with the adult world with the help of the morals her mother taught her.

It’s all about having hope and optimism for you to live a fulfilled life. If you’d like to have some of those vibes, then this movie is surely for you.

5. Lincoln (2012)

For the history buffs out there, this is your time to shine. Lincolnis a film deserving of some serious recognition as it accurately and entertainingly depicted the life of Abraham Lincoln.

It showed how he overcame the odds despite the chaotic time and world he was in. And despite all the tribulations he went through, he still managed to make it to the top and even become one of the most loved U.S. presidents.

The way he balanced his life as the father of America, while also being a full-fledged husband and father isn’t only touching but is also downright inspiring.

6. 127 Hours

127 Hours is for you if you’re looking for an action and adventure film. This chronicles the true story of a mountain climber who got trapped under a huge boulder after canyoneering solo in Moab,  Utah.

It’s an entertaining and somewhat exhilarating story of survival. It shows how the human mind and body can overcome seemingly impossible challenges as long as one maintains an optimistic outlook in life.

Never give up is the ultimate lesson of this film. And if a man as helpless as he is can make it, then why can’t you?

7. Same Kind of Different as Me

The 2017 film, Same Kind of Different as Me, is suited for those who want to have a change in lifestyle.

The movie revolves around a couple who had gone through a total relationship refresh after experiencing a life-changing moment that brought out their inner charitable hearts.

It’s a feel-good family movie that deals with serious issues in today’s society. Not only does this film have lots of life lessons, but it’s also got an interesting and entertaining storyline that’ll surely get you hooked into its characters.

8. The Fault In Our Stars

Are you in for a love story? Then what you need is The Fault in Our Stars. It’s one of the best romantic films out there that revolves around two teenage cancer patients who fall in love with each other.

The film shows you how important it is to make the most out of every moment in your life because we don’t have forever.

Love one another and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with someone, even if that means you only have limited time here on Earth. The film might be a bit sad, but at the same time, beautiful, thanks to its smartly written storyline, lovable characters, and meaningful life lesson.

9. Hachi – A Dog Tale

Hachi: A Dog Tale is a must-watch for all dog lovers. It’s a movie about a dog named Hachi, who avidly waits for his owner even if he already died.

Watch this movie and see how important it is for us to treat our pets properly because, even though they are animals, they still have feelings and emotions, especially dogs who are bred to be close human companions.

And it’s not just another dog movie because it teaches us the value of selflessness, just like dogs are selfless and full-on in loving their masters.

10. Rocky

Who doesn’t know Rocky? It’s one of the most iconic films in Hollywood starring the legendary Sylvester Stallone.

It’s a movie about a young aspiring boxer, who despite being an underdog, manages to rise up in ranks and turns out to be the national pride of his country.

This movie is filled with meaningful life lessons that teach us never to lose hope and to keep doing our best to achieve our dreams in life. And this means pursuing our wildest dreams even if the odds are too low to consider it possible.

11. The Spectacular Now

Here’s another romantic teenage flick that’s not just all about love and that cheesy kind of stuff, but is also a haven for life lessons. It tells the story of an alcoholic teen who falls in love with an introverted girl.

It shows how an alcoholic can still change if he wants to. All he needs is to have inspiration and motivation for him to change and become a better person. In this case, it’s the girl with whom he has fallen in love.

12. The King’s Speech (2010)

If you’re in the mood to watching a true-to-life story, then you might want to take a look at the 2010 movie, The King’s Speech. It’s a period drama chronicling the ascent of Prince Albert of England to the English throne as King George VI despite his speech impediment.

It might sound like your ordinary royal movie, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s one of the most interesting and beautifully crafted films, winning Best Director, Best Picture, Best Actor, as well as Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

Its minuscule budget of $15 million even managed to earn a massive $414 million worldwide at the box office! Aside from the lesson of believing in yourself, you also feel inspired knowing how much money this film made.

13. The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking is one of the brightest minds of this era. And despite his medical condition, called motor neuron disease, he still managed to rise to the top of the scientific world, explaining the mysteries of the universe and of life.

Add in the details about his love affairs and you’ve got one entertaining, romantic, and inspiring movie. It’s an all-in-one film, so to speak. Eddi Redmayne did a great job acting as he won the Best Actor award from the Academy Awards.

14. 3 Idiots

Watch 3 Idiots and you’ll find yourself smiling and eventually laughing at this hilarious trio. But don’t take this lightly because, even if it’s a full-on comedy,  it’s still got loads of life lessons.

Take for example how it shows the importance of following your dreams and maintaining an optimistic outlook in life to stay happy and fulfilled.

It’s also a movie that teaches us not to take everything too seriously as this will confine and limit us from achieving our true potential. So, yes, sometimes, a bit of clumsiness and silliness works, as long as you throw in some responsibility and wit as well.

15. Forrest Gump

And last but not least is Forrest Gump. This is one of Tom Hanks’ best portrayals as what can be seen in the many awards this film raked in at the Academy Awards.

This film chronicles the life of a man who has an IQ that is lower than normal. But don’t look at him that way because, despite his disability, he still managed to live a fulfilled life.

Specifically speaking, he taught the great Elvis Presley some dance moves, had a meeting with JFK, fought during the Vietnam War, became a celebrity runner and football star, became a Hippie, and much more.


Hopefully, this article helped you stay motivated and inspired by watching these movies offered by Netflix. They might be just films, but they hold tons of valuable morals and lessons that anyone who wants to live a full life needs to learn. Binge-watch these movies if you like and you’ll surely see the wonder of life, enough for you to be inspired and motivated.

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