Top 40 Public Speaking Podcasts for Training

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If you want to become a public speaker, one of the most important things you can do is practice. You need to be able to deliver your message in a powerful way.

One of the most important steps to become a speaker is to learn and practice. Take a look at the following 40 podcasts on public speaking to get some great training.

1. The Speaker’s Secrets

The Speaker’s Secrets put out a weekly podcast with topics for people who are looking to improve their public speaking. The host is Edrico Ambrister, and he offers many different tips that are easy to follow and very practical. They will help you develop strategies that will boost your confidence so that you can speak with ease.

2. The Speaking Club

The Speaking Club, Sarah Archer mixes humor with advice, and she gives many tips and strategies for public speaking. She publishes four podcasts a month, and she teaches you how to connect with people so that they keep coming back to hear what you have to say.

3. No Sweat Public Speaking

Fred Miller delivers these podcasts twice a month, and he is one of the best professionals out there. He will give you advice on how to develop, practice, and deliver your best presentation, and he gives tips on how to reduce your fear of public speaking.

4. The Speaking Show with David Newman

In this series, David Newman gives you strategies that you can use right away to improve your public speaking, as well as advice on how to grow your motivational speaking business. He publishes 15 podcasts a year.

5. Fearless Presentation

This podcast is all about how to reduce and eliminate your fear of public speaking. You will learn how to speak with confidence by listening to this weekly podcast.

6. The Brilliant Speakers Show for Introverted Entrepreneurs

This podcast is designed to help people who are introverts overcome any fears they have of public speaking. They will learn how to become confident speakers who can captivate an audience.

7. 2-Minute Talk Tips

In this weekly podcast series, each speaker will give a two-minute tip on speaking and then analyze it in detail. They have a different speaker each time.

8. Speaking Podcast

Once a week, Roy Coughlan interviews different public speakers. Each one shares tips on how to overcome your fear of speaking, based on their own experiences.

9. Shortcuts to Public Speaking Success

Shola Kaye is a powerful speaker who gives advice on how to improve your speaking, enhance your career, and boost your performance.

10. Presenting, Pitching, Public Speaking

In this podcast, Tony Gargan will take you from an inexperienced speaker to confident communication master. You will learn important aspects of speaking, including how to get your audience’s attention, speak with confidence, and bury your fears.

11. Andrea Pacini

Andrea Pacini creates 26 podcasts a year, and he talks about every aspect of presenting and public speaking.

12. The Speaker Lab Podcast

The Speaker Lab has a weekly Masterclass where you receive training and advice from the best speakers in the world through Grant Baldwin.

13. Toastmentor: Fred Haley

In this series, Fred Haley, a certified coach, teacher, and speaker, will give you tips on improving your speaking based on the mistakes he made early on in his career.

14. Public Speaking with David Murray

In this weekly podcast, David Murray will give you techniques to improve your public speaking. He shares a different tip each week.

15. Speaking with Ryan and Carrie Sharpe

This podcast is a series of conversations over coffee by Ryan and Carrie Sharpe every other week. They give you advice on public speaking.

16. Grow Your Public Speaking Business

Wendi McNeil hosts these podcasts twice a month, and they are designed to teach you how to build a strong platform and grow your business.

17. Claim the Stage Podcast

This podcast is for women who want to be public speakers, and Angela Lussier interviews different speakers, authors, speaker bureaus, entrepreneurs, and more to show you how to claim the stage when you speak.

18. Captivate the Room

Kristen Zavo puts out seven podcasts a month, and she gives voice technique and presentation skills tips to you to help reduce your fear and take control of any room.

19. Transform Your Talk Podcast

They put out eight podcasts a year, and you will learn how to transform the way you present so that your public speaking is excellent.

20. MillsWyck Minute: One Minute Speaking Tips with Alan Hoffler

Alan Hoffler is a public speaking coach, and this podcast comes out four times a year, where he gives you tips on how to improve your public speaking.

21. Time to Shine Podcast

Amira Alvarez teaches you how to make an impact on the stage. She is the founder and CEO of Unstoppable Woman, which is a global coaching company.

22. Rebel Rising

This podcast helps you define your message and learn how to take a stand with confidence on the stage. It teaches you to make your own path to success.

23. Speaking Your Brand

You will learn from Carol Cox how to communicate your message to any audience and create an impactful brand for yourself.

24. Smart Public Speaker Podcast

Gagan Singh will teach you tips and tricks to improve your public speaking and resonate with your audience. He discusses the art of public speaking, how to make money as a public speaker, productivity, and goal setting.

25. The Toastmasters Podcast

This podcast is a radio show that features interviews with Toastmasters. They talk all about public speaking and how to develop your message and overcome fear.

26. Public Speaking Secrets

This podcast is designed to help you break down the barriers that are in the way of your becoming a confident and powerful public speaker. It broadcasts weekly with different speakers, influencers, YouTubers, and more.

27. Permission to Speak

In this podcast, Samara Bay talks about what your voice says about you, and she interviews public speakers to learn how they found their voices.

28. Outstanding Public Speaking

Sven Sterling talks about what it takes to become a great public speaker. He gives tips and tricks on how to speak effectively.

29. Voices of Experience Podcast

This comes from the National Speakers Association Podcasting Network, and they share the voices of Experience audio magazine and more.

30. Confident Speaking with Janet Hilts

Performance coach Janet Hilts teaches you how to be a confident public speaker by sharing both personal and professional strategies.

31. UCR Public Speaking

This podcast is a fun way to practice your public speaking skills. You will learn tips and techniques each time, and you are encouraged to practice as you listen.

32. The Art and Business of Public Speaking

This podcast teaches you how to become a dynamic communicator. You will learn how to prepare through focus, deliver with clarity, and speak with power.

33. Time to Talk

In this podcast, you learn how to speak better through listening. Roland Millward discusses communication and how to improve it.

34. Public Speaking Is Easy

Stephen Nellas teaches you to become a confident, powerful, and inspiring public speaker through his tips and strategies.

35. Perfecting Public Speaking

In this podcast, you learn how to maximize your speaking potential by learning how to make sure that the speech you give is the one you want to give.

36. The Power of Vocal Dynamics

In this series, you will learn how to use your voice. You will use it to show emotions, tone, sincerity, and integrity when you speak.

37. Every Speaker Has a Story

Professional Keynote Speaker, Steven Vrooman, interviews public speakers of all different kinds to learn about their successes, failures, and everything else.

38. Social Speech

Rob Cottingham gives tips and strategies for writing your speeches and delivering them to an audience.

39. Give Amazing Presentations and Enjoy Public Speaking

This podcast gives tips from Chris Haroon on how to become a great speaker and what tools you can use for the most effective presentation.

40. Amber Light Public Speaking Podcast

This podcast is all about public speaking, and Amber Light hosts interviews and gives you advice and ideas for public speaking.


One of the most important steps to become a speaker is learning how to deliver a compelling presentation. You need to have confidence and deliver your message well. One way to learn tips and tricks for improving your style, delivery, and presentation is to listen to podcasts.

The podcast speakers have years of experience, and they share what they have learned. Some of them also interview other speakers, and you have the benefit of learning from their mistakes. As you listen to the speakers, you can practice in the mirror and perfect your style.

Public speaking is an exciting profession as long as you know how to deliver a speech. You need to practice, and you should try to gain as much experience as you can. Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn more. This could save you from having to hire a public speaking coach.

When you listen to these podcasts, you can perfect your technique and your message for your own career.

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